Airbnb Hosting Guide – Starting your Airbnb Business

Ready to start hosting with Airbnb?  I’ve compiled the best information in one place to give you the tools to succeed with your new Airbnb hosting business.  Here is my Airbnb hosting guide to help you start your Airbnb listing!

Airbnb Hosting Guide - Starting your Airbnb Business - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsSo you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your very own Airbnb hosting business.  All the benefits of becoming an Airbnb host are too enticing to pass up and you’re ready to get going, but where to start?

Here’s a helpful guide you can follow.  By completing each of these checklist items, you’ll be up and running in no time and set up for Airbnb success as well!

Airbnb Hosting Guide – Starting your Airbnb Business

  1. Install a Keyless Entry Door Lock – A keyless entry system is an absolute must for Airbnb hosts.  Don’t believe me?  Start hosting with keys and you’ll deal with a world of hassle.  The costs of lost keys and changing locks will add up along with an unnecessary amount of frustration.Aspen Collection Queen Bed and Nightstand - Airbnb Hosting Guide - Starting your Airbnb Business - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips
  2. Outfit Your Guest Room – Before you’re ready to list your space on Airbnb, you’ll need to get your guest bedroom staged and ready to go.  Here’s a list of must have items.
  3. Outfit your Guest Bathroom – Now it’s time to get your bathroom ready.  Clean it up and stock it.  Here’s a starting list of items you’ll need.


  4. Take Pictures of your Home – Your bedroom and bathroom are all set up and looking gorgeous!  Time to capture beautiful pictures for your Airbnb listing!
  5. Write your Listing Description – Pair your lovely pictures with an enticing listing description!
  6. List your Space! – Now it’s time to go to Airbnb and list your space.  
    • Upload your photos
    • Copy in your listing description
    • Check the amenities you’ll be offering (kitchen, iron/ironing board, laundry, etc)
    • Set your cancellation policy
    • Set your check in and check out times
    • Set your Listing Price
  7. Take a look at these tips to help get bookings as a new Airbnb host! – Often times new hosts have trouble getting bookings.  This is due in part to having no reviews and being unaware of all the options that are available.  Following these tips will get you over that hump and send you on your way to Superhost status!
  8. Remember to have fun!

Now your Airbnb list is up and running!  Start hosting!

More of the best Airbnb hosting tips to come!

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