Should I Allow Pets in my Airbnb?

Should you allow pets in your Airbnb?  Allowing pets in your Airbnb is one of the many settings you can adjust as an Airbnb host.  Before you make that decision, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of allowing pets into your home.

Pros of Allowing Pets in your AirbnbShould I Allow Pets in my Airbnb - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

  • More Bookings! – Being more accommodating is more likely to land you more bookings.  Just like travelers might be searching for number of beds or child friendly spaces, so to will they search for pet friendly accommodations.  Offering to put a roof over the heads of your guests and their animals will give you more opportunities to get reservations.  And just in case you missed this connection:  more bookings = more money!
  • Fun! – In my experience, most people are traveling with animals that are loveable and fun to be around.  You may get some pets that are not so friendly (just as you may get some guests who aren’t so friendly as well), but for the most part they are great!
  • Friends for your Pets – If you have pets as well, perhaps your pets may have a good time playing around with your Airbnb guest’s pets as well.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I host with my dog and he loves meeting people, other dogs, and other pets too!

Cons of Allowing Pets in your AirbnbShould I Allow Pets in my Airbnb - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

  • Increased Cleaning Time – More than likely, housing a pet will mean you will have to work harder to prepare your rooms for the next guests.  Animal fur and smell could make this a challenge.  Leave yourself extra time to clean if you allow pets to stay with you!  Also make sure you have extra sets of sheets and extra sets of towels on hand just in case!
  • Noise – Not all pets are noisy, but some can be.  If you are in a home that is close to neighbors or you have other guests under the same roof, this could cause you some problems.
  • Unfriendly Pets – You may potentially get some unfriendly pets.  They may not get along with you or your pets.  This is a situation that can cause a lot of tension between Airbnb hosts and Airbnb guests.  Tension can lead to poor reviews and that is not good for your Superhost status!
  • Damages – Pets can get rambunctious and damage your property.  This could be chewing on furniture, clawing doors or walls, ripping up pillow and bedding, soiling a rug, or any other number of things.  If you have an accommodation with very nice or irreplaceable things, maybe hosting pets is not the best idea.

While the length of the cons list is longer, that does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t allow pets.  Take a look at your accommodations and determine if you have a pet friendly layout and if your are willing to accommodate animals.

If you start hosting pets and then decide it’s not for you, simply change your settings.  You are not committed to hosting pets or not hosting pets indefinitely.  This can be changed at any time!

Personally, I have opted to no longer accept pets.  My busy schedule does not allow me to have extra time to clean on a regular basis.  I see allowing pets as more of a liability than an opportunity to improve my Airbnb business.

More of the best Airbnb hosting tips to come!

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