Bath Towel Sets for AirBnB Guest Bathrooms

Bath towel sets for your AirBnB guest bathrooms are a nice touch to the look of your bathroom.  Using a standard color for your bath towel sets gives a pleasant appearance to your guest bathroom.  A quality towel set does not have to cost a lot of money either!  Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Sets provide a great value for AirBnB hosts!

Bath Towel Sets for AirBnB Guest Bathrooms - Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set Grey

As I was getting my things together to start my AirBnB, I realized a needed some nice bath towel sets to go in my guest bathrooms.  Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths are part of a complete bathroom setup.  Pinzon offers a quality bath towel set at an amazing price.

Pinzon offers a wide variety of colors to match any bathroom decor.  From light neutral tones like beige and driftwood, to bold colors like cranberry and plum, Pinzon has the colors you need.  Personally, I avoid plain white and black bath towel sets for my bathrooms.  I really like a calm neutral tone for my bathrooms.  The driftwood and grey colors are my favorites!

Aside from the aesthetics, a bath towel set for AirBnB use has to stand up to a lot of abuse.  These towels will be washed and tried countless times and need to stay strong and soft.  While no towel lasts forever, the Pinzon blended egyptian cotton bath towel sets do a great job!

Having spare towels, just like having spare bed sheets, is a prudent thing for AirBnB hosts to have on hand.  I have two of these bath towel sets for each of my guests rooms.  Here’s why!

Keep a Spare Bath Towel Set on HandBath Towel Sets for AirBnB Guest Bathrooms - Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel Set Driftwood

  • Reduce your Cleaning Time – With a spare towel set, you can prepare for new guests much faster by not having to do laundry at that exact moment.  This is a key part of optimizing your AirBnB cleaning routine!
  • Guests May Request More Towels – Most guests will not use extra towels during their stay, but some guests do.  Having a spare bath towel set around make it easier to accommodate your guests and keep them happy!
  • Ruined Towels – Guests may ruin your towels.  Don’t be caught without more towels!  An extra bath towel set means you’ll be good to go at a moment’s notice!

When it comes time to retire towels from their AirBnB career, don’t throw them away!  You can save money by reusing these towels around the house for a lot of different tasks.  Here’s how I use my old towels.

Reuse your Old Bath Towel Sets

  • Dusting (both with a wet and dry towel) – I like to dampen these towels and use them to dust tough areas like ceiling fans and the tops of door frames.
  • Cleaning Up Spills – It doesn’t matter if you stain a retired towel.  It will still do the job!
  • Bath Towels for my Dog – No worries if these towels fill up with hair
  • Car Trunk – I keep a couple towels in my trunk because you just never know!
  • For Rainy Days – I’ve had guests get home soaking wet from being caught in the rain.  Having extra towels on hand will give them a place to put wet shoes and keep your house clean as well!

Towels are awesome!  The Pinzon blended Egyptian cotton bath towel sets are a good fit for AirBnB hosts.  Keeping spare bath towel sets handy for when you need them and repurposing your towels once they’ve run their course will keep your guests happy and save you some money as well!

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