Best Response to Your Guest’s AirBnB Reservation

As you have now become a pro at responding to an AirBnB guest’s initial message, you undoubtedly have AirBnB reservations pouring in.  So what is the best way to communicate with your AirBnB guest prior once they confirm their AirBnB reservation?

5 Star Review - AirBnB Reservation

In many cases, you will have had a message or two (or many more!) with this guest prior to them
confirming an AirBnB reservation.  In situations where guests have ‘instabooked’ your AirBnB listing, you will have had no interaction with the guest at this point.  Regardless of the situation, it is critical to acknowledge the AirBnB reservation!  Make your guest feel as welcome as possible and get you on your way to earning that 5 star review!

For a simple example, let’s say you have had multiple messages from a potential AirBnB guest asking a plethora of questions.  At this point, you have an established line of communication with your AirBnB guest and your AirBnB reservation confirmation message can be short and sweet.  

Best Way to Respond to an AirBnB Reservation Confirmation

  1.  A Friendly Greeting – Following the formula laid out in the best way to respond to AirBnB booking inquires, I open with a short greeting and address the guest my their first nAriBnB Host Responding to an AirBnB Reservationame.
  2.  Acknowledge the AirBnB Reservation – Next, I acknowledge that their AirBnB reservation is
    confirmed.  While the guest would have received this AirBnB reservation confirmation from AirBnB, it gives the guest peace of mind knowing that the AirBnB host also has confirmed it.
  3. Stay in Touch! – I then say I will be in touch as their stay approaches.  This is certainly not a statement of empty words.  I always send my guests a message within a day or two of their arrival.
  4. Leave a Personal Farewell – Conclude by offering assistance and signing off with your first name to keep it personal and friendly.  That’s it!

For situations like this, I send a message as follows:

‘Alright First Name,

Your AirBnB reservation is all set!  I’ll be in touch as your stay approaches.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!



Pretty easy, right?

Ok, so now let’s say you receive an AirBnB reservation via ‘instabook’ meaning the guest has booked your AirBnB listing without having to contact you.  To respond to these AirBnB reservations, I take a very similar approach to the previous message, but I include an additional welcoming statement to break the ice.

Hi, First Name!  

It would be my pleasure to host you!  Your AirBnB reservation is all set.  I’ll be in touch as your stay approaches.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!



And that’s the best way to respond to an AirBnB reservation confirmation!  With very minimal effort, you have given your AirBnB guest peace of mind and confidence that they are staying with a 5 star AirBnB host!
More of the best AirBnB hosting tips to come!

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