Best Toilet Paper For AirBnB Hosting

What is the best toilet paper for AirBnB hosting?  We have all had bad experiences with toilet paper in public restrooms.  The thin, rough, mega roll of toilet paper has made our trips to the potty a painful endeavor that we can only hope to forget.  Subjecting your AirBnB guests to such a toilet paper treatment is a definite no-no in the AirBnB hosting world.

What is the Best Toilet Paper for AirBnB Hosting?Panda - The Best Toilet Paper

I have been experimenting with toilet papers in my AirBnB guest rooms for years now.  I have tried about a dozen different brands, from the toilet papers you see in commercials, to store brands, and even online brands.  Over the course of my AirBnB hosting career, I never once got a compliment for the toilet paper I was supplying.  That was until I started using Panda Ultra Premium Toilet Paper.

Why is Panda the Best Toilet Paper?

Panda toilet paper has been the best toilet paper for my AirBnB guests and myself for over a year now.  It’s pillowy soft, super durable, and incredibly absorbent.  It is advertised as a premium toilet paper and I could not agree more.  I have had many compliments from my AirBnB guests regarding Panda toilet paper.  Often times now I hear from my AirBnB guests, ‘‘It is the best toilet paper I’ve ever used!  What kind is it?’  And I am more than happy to tell them!

How much does the best toilet paper cost?

Panda toilet paper is also an incredible value.  It comes in large rolls that are larger than the “large” or “double rolls” of competing major brands like Charmin.  At 176 sheets per roll, Panda toilet paper has 14% more sheets than the 154 sheets on a Charmin Ultra Soft double roll.

On top of that, Panda toilet paper is less expensive and delivPanda Toilet Paper Reviewered right to your door for free!

As a very active AirBnB host, I go through a large volume of toilet paper so I prefer to order in bulk.  Panda offers a 96 roll box of toilet paper to keep you well stocked and also save you some money on your toilet paper purchase.
All around, Panda toilet paper is the best toilet paper for my AirBnB guests and myself as well.  After years of searching, I have finally found the best toilet paper!

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