Best Way to Respond to an AirBnB Booking Inquiry

As an AirBnB host, your first communication with your guest is going to be through an AirBnB booking inquiry.  AirBnB guests sift through tons of AirBnB listings looking for the perfect place to stay and have contacted you to either ask to stay or for more information.  Even if you have the AirBnB instabook feature enabled on your listing, many guests will still ask for permission out of politeness prior to booking a reservation.  Your initial response as an AirBnB host can make all the difference between a confirmed reservation and a lost opportunity.

So what is the best way for AirBnB hosts to respond to AirBnB inquires?


Respond Fast to AirBnB Booking Inquiries! – More AirBnB Bookings with Shorter Response Time

Response time to AirBnB booking inquiries is absolutely critical!  To land an AirBnB reservation, respond to inquiries in a professional and friendly manner as fast as possible.  This isn’t a teenage relationship where you play games by not responding to text messages for fear of looking too eager.  Looking eager is important!  AirBnB guests appreciate prompt responses and by using this response technique you will see your AirBnB booking rate skyrocket!

What does the perfect AirBnB booking inquiry response look like?

1. Say Hello using the AirBnB Guest’s Name

Start with a short, ‘Hi First Name’ to get the ball rolling.  Make the response personal and friendly by addressing your AirBnB Guest by their first name.  This shows the AirBnB guest that you paid attention to their message and are making an effort to personalize a response.  Now, you don’t need to say “Hi” as I like to do.  Making the greeting regional can help welcome the AirBnB guest to your locale.  For example, maybe saying “Hola” if you are hosting in a Spanish speaking country, or “G’day” if you are in Australia can get the AirBnB guest in the mood.  Heck, even a nice “Howdy” for you Texans out there can go a long way!

2. Tell the AirBnB Guest you want to be their AirBnB HostAirBnB Host responding to an AirBnB booking inquiry

After saying hello, a short and sweet welcome will butter up your AirBnB guests even more.  For example, “It would be my pleasure to host you!”  This will lighten the response even more and show that you are an AirBnB host who really cares (as I’m sure you do!).

3. Respond to the AirBnB Guest’s Questions

This should go without saying, but fully address your AirBnB guest’s questions!  They haven’t booked your place yet and have a few things to button up before choosingthe right AirBnB location at which to stay.  Respond clearly and succinctly to address their questions.  If the question is a bit more open ended, add some color to the response, but keep it short and informative.  No need to write a book here!  A successful AirBnB host knows to give the appropriate length responses to AirBnB guest inquiries!

4. Offer your AirBnB Guest Additional Assistance

At this point in the message, you have provided your AirBnB guest with all the information they requested.  There’s no need to keep spewing more and more details at this point.  As the AirBnB host, you’ve just delivered well packaged, friendly, and appropriate response to your AirBnB guest.  It’s time to wrap it up.  Show your guest that you are available to help by offering additional assistance.  For example, “Please let me know if you have any more questions.”

5. Say Goodbye to your AirBnB Guest

Now, that you’ve buttered up your AirBnB guest with a lovely greeting, showed you want to be their host, answered questions like an AirBnB hosting pro, offered to help in any way you can, it’s time to sign off.  Conclude with a friendly and personal goodbye to your AirBnB guest just as you had crafted a friendly and personal greeting.  Use your first name to keep it friendly!  “All the best, -AirBnB Host First Name” should do the trick!

Ok AirBnB host pro.  Let’s put this whole response together with a full example.

Let’s say you get this inquiry from a potential AirBnB guest.

Hi there, can you tell me how far you are from that super cool museum in town?


The best AirBnB hosts will respond in a fashion similar to this (as fast as possible, of course!).

Hi Doris,

I would be excited to host you!  My location is a quick 10 minute drive from that really super cool museum in town.  It’s an awesome place and I know you’ll enjoy it!

I’d be happy to answer any more questions you may have!

All the best,


Boom!  Done!

There you have it!  Respond to your AirBnB guest inquiries like an AirBnB host pro with these 5 easy steps!

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2 Comments on “Best Way to Respond to an AirBnB Booking Inquiry

  1. Thanks for the help with those initial responses. Do you have any suggestions for how to let people who are making an inquiry about our house that our place may get booked through the instant booking process? We have had that happen twice now where someone was corresponding with us but the house got booked before they booked. In one instance the instant booking was for 3 nights instead of the 2 nights the first person was looking at. In the other case we lost a 10 night booking to a 4 day booking.

    • Excellent question. A lot of inquiries I get are from people who have circumstances that they want to discuss prior to booking such as bringing a moving trailer or traveling with an infant. It’s a nice courtesy, but there is a chance the dates could get instant booked in the interim.

      I always respond to my inquiries as quickly as possible and in almost every case, I’m perfectly fine with their requests. I approve their request and add an additional comment like, “I’d be happy to host you, but please be aware that the room could be booked at any moment. It is best to confirm your reservation as soon as possible. Looking forward to meeting you!”

      Hope this helps!

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