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Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts

The Airbnb Resolution Center exists to solve issues that can arise with your stay.  Unfortunate events such as damages or disputes between hosts and guests can be addressed with the Airbnb Resolution Center.  There is a formal process… Read More

What is Airbnb Smart Pricing?

Airbnb Smart Pricing is a feature that Airbnb hosts can use to allow Airbnb to price and update pricing for their listings.  Airbnb takes into account over 70 unique criteria to determine what your listing price will be…. Read More

What is Instant Book on Airbnb?

What is Instant Book on Airbnb?  The Instant Book feature on Airbnb is a way for hosts and guests to confirm a reservation without the need for a formal inquiry.  Here’s what Instant Book does for Airbnb hosts… Read More

Tips to Improve your Airbnb Listing Search Ranking

Airbnb has become so popular that hosts must compete to get bookings and having your Airbnb listing near the top of the search results is key to getting a consistent flow of guests.  With a little effort you… Read More

Furnish your Guest Room on a Budget & Start Making Money with Airbnb

One of the major hurdles to starting an Airbnb business is furnishing a guest room without putting a serious hurt on your wallet.  Being able to furnish a guest room in a cost effective manner will help you… Read More