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Minimum and Maximum Night Stay Lengths for your Airbnb Listing

Minimum and maximum night stay lengths for your Airbnb listing has more implications that you might imagine.  Correctly choosing the minimum number of nights and maximum number of nights can help you make more money and reduce your… Read More

How to Change your AirBnB Cancellation Policy

Learn how to change your AirBnB cancellation policy!  It is also important to understand what each cancellation policy means.  Depending on your hosting situation, one policy may be a better fit than others!

AirBnB Cleaning Fee Pricing for AirBnB Hosts

An AirBnB cleaning fee can be added by AirBnB hosts to each stay.  This price is added as a one time charge to each reservation, regardless of length.  Just as pricing your AirBnB listing is important, so to… Read More

How to Become an AirBnB Superhost

Becoming an AirBnB Superhost is more than just a status symbol.  It also comes with some awesome benefits.  Learn how to become an AirBnB Superhost!

Top 5 Reasons AirBnB Hosts Should Use Instabook

The AirBnB Instabook feature allows AirBnB guests to book a reservation without receiving a formal approval from the host.  While this seems like it could lead to trouble, it is actually an awesome feature that can dramatically increase… Read More