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How to Use Saved Messages for Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb hosts send tons of messages and having saved messages helps make this go much faster!  While many messages are for replying to specific questions from Airbnb inquires, the bulk of messages sent are extremely similar if not… Read More

How to Add a Friend or Co-Host to your Airbnb Listing

Life gets busy and sometimes being able to fulfill all your Airbnb hosting duties can be a challenge.  Having a few trusted friends available to step in when you need a helping hand can really reduce your stress… Read More

Top 5 Airbnb Turnover Management Tips

Turnover management is a critical part of running your Airbnb hosting business.  Whether you are renting a private room in your own home or running multiple listings across various properties, efficiently managing turnovers between guests will save you… Read More

Cheap & Easy Cleaning Tip – Clean your Bathroom Fixtures using Vinegar

This is a very cheap and easy cleaning tip to remove bathroom grime with just distilled white vinegar! Hard water and heavy use of your Airbnb guest bathrooms can lead to buildup of deposits on your showerhead and… Read More

Airbnb Shower Essentials

Airbnb guests have come to expect certain shower essentials to be provided by hosts.  While some of these are listed under the amenities part of the listing and hosts can be transparent about what is provided, guests tend… Read More