Keyless Entry System Benefits for AirBnB Hosts

Keyless entry systems for AirBnB hosts provide an effective means for allowing AirBnB guests to enter and exit your AirBnB home.  Adding a high-tech keyless entry system offers numerous benefits to AirBnB hosts and is sure to make your AirBnB listing stand out!

Dealing with keys is a real pain for AirBnB hosts.  From handing over the keys to guests upon arrival, getting the keys back upon departure, and all the ways to lose the keys in between, managing physical keys is always a concern.Keyless Entry System Benefits for AirBnB Hosts - Yale Real Living Keyless Entry System

The first AirBnB group I provided with physical keys lost them!  It was such a hassle and created unnecessary tension between me and my AirBnB guests.  After that, I immediately installed a keyless entry system and my guests have been raving about it ever since!

A keyless entry system alleviates many concerns associated with physical keys and can save you a lot of money and headaches!


Keyless Entry System Benefits for AirBnB Hosts

  1. Guest Check-In is a Breeze! – With a keyless entry system, you can provide your guests a with a door code or number combination that will allow them to unlock the front door and enter your amazing AirBnB home.  No more waiting for guests to arrive to handover keys or hiding keys under rocks or doormats!  I’ve been using a keyless entry system for years and it has made check-in a breeze for both me and my AirBnB guests!
  2. Guest Check-Out is a Breeze too! – A keyless entry system is also a keyless exit system!  The concern that your guests will walk off with your keys is now gone!  Removing the physical keys from the check-out procedure makes life simpler for your guests and for you as the AirBnB host as well!
  3. Flexibility – Did you have an unexpected appointment come up and are unable to meet your guests?  Are your guests arriving at 1am?  These things happen and a keyless entry system enables you to be a more flexible AirBnB host!
  4. Security – Did a guest lose or walk off with your keys?  Concerned someone will make copies of your keys?  With a keyless entry system, you can simply change the entry code and your privacy is restored.  In a matter of seconds, you can delete a guests entry code and create a new one for the next AirBnB guest.  Being able to provide a unique entry code for each guest increases the security for you and your AirBnB guests!
  5. Save Time! – Along with you with the flexibility the keyless entry system offers is a nice time savings.  It will save you time from looking for keys, giving and receiving keys from your guests, making new keys when they get lost, and calling the locksmith when things inevitably go wrong.
  6. Save Money! – On top of the obvious benefits to your blood pressure as an AirBnB host, a keyless entry system can save you a lot of money!  You won’t ever have to call a locksmith.  You won’t ever have to make new keys.  A keyless entry system is an inexpensive investment that will pay off in no time!

Across the board, a keyless entry system is a huge benefit for AirBnB hosts!  Offering huge savings of time and money as well as increasing your personal security, a keyless entry system really is a no-brainer!

More of the best AirBnB hosting tips to come!
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