Late Arriving Guests – Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Late arriving guests are a common issue for Airbnb hosts, but it doesn’t have to be!  While this was a constant problem for me when I initially started my Airbnb hosting career, I have developed a method to accommodating late arriving guests without inconveniencing them or myself.  Here are my tips for hosting late arriving Airbnb guests!

Late Arriving Guests – Tips for Airbnb Hosts

  • Determine your Airbnb Guest Arrival Time – Arrival time uncertainty is a headache in itself for Airbnb hosts.  Many Airbnb guests do give you a heads up if they plan on arriving late, but if you don’t get this information proactively it is important to reach out and ask.  A quick message through Airbnb will almost certainly do the trick.  For example, ‘I’m looking forward to meeting you!  Do you have an expected arrival time?’
  • Use a Keyless Entry System! – I cannot stress this point enough!  In my opinion, the handing over of keys between host and guest on arrival and departure is even more Late Arriving Guest Tips for Airbnb Hostsfrustrating than not knowing when your guests will arrive.  I’ve detailed all the awesome reasons to get a keyless entry system in a previous post, but one of the biggest perks is allowing late arriving guests to gain access to the home quickly and easily!
  • Send Clear and Succinct Entry Instructions – Sending your guests very clear and short instructions is critical.  Don’t bog them down with an entire book of ‘do’s and don’ts’.  Tell your guests very clearly how to enter the home and where their room and bathroom are.  You may want to throw in another sentence if you have something important to mention like a dog in the home.  Also, if you are a live-in host, mention that you may be asleep when they enter.
  • Leave a Note for your Airbnb Guests – A short and sweet welcome note addressed to your guest left in the guest room will make your guests feel right at home and also remove any uncertainty that they may be in the wrong place.  A little peace of mind goes a long way!
  • Don’t Lose Sleep – Staying up late and into the wee hours of the morning isn’t worth it.  With the keyless entry system, super easy instructions, porch lights, and excellent communication, you can sleep well knowing your guests will be able to let themselves in and settle down without you!
  • Message your Guests in the Morning – If you don’t see your guests in the morning, make sure to send them a polite message through the Airbnb system.  Something along the lines of ‘I’m glad you got in alright last night!  Please let me know if there’s anything you need.  I’m happy to help!’


With these simple tips, you can manage your late arriving Airbnb guests in a way that saves everyone a lot of heartache and worry!

More of the best Airbnb hosting tips to come!

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2 Comments on “Late Arriving Guests – Tips for Airbnb Hosts

  1. My problem is early arriving guests who send me a text saying “We got an early Ferry Can you please pick us up in 20 mins”…and also late leaving guests…I clearly let them know on confirmation of the booking and again the night before and let them know I’m unable to extend the time as I need to turn over the room etc…then morning comes and they are dragging along and often don’t leave til an hour and a half to two hours late. I don’t want to be rude because they are on holiday but I can’t make a later time or I wouldn’t be able to air the rooms out properly and get them ready in time for the next lot.

    • I can definitely see your frustration!

      I’ve had similar issues with guests on check out time, and most of the times it’s not an issue for me. Other times I feel like the guests are abusing my accommodating nature.

      One tip I can give you is to just take a breath, and put on your “patience hat” when addressing your guests. I have found that some things I was annoyed with were actually just honest misunderstandings.

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