Master Lock Key Storage Box Product Review

The Master Lock 5400D Select Access Key Storage Box is a safe a reliable way to store your physical keys.  As an AirBnB host, having easy and safe key access is absolutely critical to a smooth and pleasant guest experience.  Let’s look at benefits of key storage and the pros and cons of the Master Lock key storage box!


Benefits of a Key Storage BoxMaster Lock 5400D Key Storage Box Product Review - Best AirBnB Hosting Tips

  • Security – A solidly constructed key storage box with a combination lock will keep your physical house keys or gate keys safe even if a passerby sees the lock box.  You can’t get this level of security by hiding a key under the welcome mat, mailbox, or even a more creative hiding place.
  • Changeable Combination Lock – Being able to change the lock combination means that you won’t have to worry about previous guests returning to retrieve the key or anybody else who happens upon the combination from a previous guest.  Had you been hiding your key without a lock, you’d need to find a new hiding place for every guest!  No need to do that if you can simply change the combination!
  • Backup Plan – Even if you are using a keyless entry system (as I would highly recommend!), having a physical key to your home located on the exterior means you can still enter your house should something malfunction with your keyless door lock.  I have personally run into this situation, and had I not had key storage box on the outside of my house, I would have had to spend a lot of time and money dealing with a locksmith.  Even if your key storage box is strictly a backup plan, it will more than pay for itself the first time you use it!


Master Lock 5400D Select Key Access Key Storage Box


The Master Lock 5400D Key Storage Box is pretty awesome!

  • Durability – This key storage box is tough!  You can tell right as you pick it up that it can take a real beating.  The 13/32 diameter shackle is super strong and the lock box body would take quite an effort to break into.  This key storage box will definitely keep your keys saMaster Lock 5400D Key Storage Box Product Review - Best AirBnB Hosting Tipsfe!
  • Weatherproof – Rain, wind, sun, hail, snow, zombies.  Nothing will cause a problem for this lock box.  There is an additional combination shield panel that will cover the 4-number combination lock for added protection as well.
  • Storage Capacity – you can fit at least 5 keys into this lock box.  I definitely don’t have that many keys to store, but I could if I wanted!  Master Lock advertises that it can hold up to 5 keys, but I’ve been able to fit more.  Maybe it just depends on how big your keys are, but I’d say you’ll have no problem with storage capacity.
  • Easy of Use – Simple, easy to follow instructions are included with how to set the combination and hang the key storage box.  It’s not completely intuitive at first glance, but it’s very easy to do with a few steps from the instruction page.



Honestly, there’s really not too much to say against this lock, but there are a couple of drawbacks.

  • Shackle Size – If you have a larger diameter gate, post, doorknob, or door handle that you are trying to put this lock on, it may not fit.  This key storage box will fit almost all standard gates and door handles, but for odd shapes, it could be an issue.
  • Combination Setting – The process to setting a combination is not difficult, but make sure you read the instructions!  You don’t want to accidently set a combination and lock yourself out of the lock box.
  • Opening – Remember that when opening the key lock box that the front face will fold down towards you to allow you to grab the keys.  Again, not a problem once you’ve done it once or twice, but your AirBnB guests may not have used this product before.  Be sure to mention this so they can gain access to the keys without any frustration!

Overall, I’d give the Master Lock 5400D Key Storage Box 4.5 stars!
For AirBnB hosts, an external key storage box is a clutch piece of equipment to have.  Whether it’s your primary access point for physical keys for your guests, or backup key access to your keyless entry system, the Master Lock 5400D Key Storage Box will do the job right!

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