Minimum and Maximum Night Stay Lengths for your Airbnb Listing

Minimum and maximum night stay lengths for your Airbnb listing has more implications that you might imagine.  Correctly choosing the minimum number of nights and maximum number of nights can help you make more money and reduce your workload too!

So let’s start off by discussing the minimum number of nights.  

One Night Stay

Obviously, a one night stay is the shortest length of stay.  By taking on one night stays, you are going to increase your cleaning and messaging workload.  Typically, a higher cleaning fee will significantly reduce one night bookings, but you will still get them frequently.  One night minimums are usually done by live-in hosts who clean themselves, but you can certainly make the numbers work with a cleaning service.  If you are trying to get your listing off the ground or have plenty of time and energy to handle the cleaning or cleaning logistics, then a one night minimum is for you.

Two Night StayMinimum and Maximum Night Stay Lengths for your Airbnb Listing - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

Two night stays appear to be the most popular minimum for Airbnb hosts.  Two night stays will greatly reduce your workload compared to one night stays.  At the most you would be liable for cleaning every other day, and messaging 3 to 4 groups a week if you are fully booked.  The downside to this option is having vacant nights in between bookings.  This can be a positive if you enjoy having a night off every now and then.  For hosts who work other jobs or have busier schedules, two night stays are for you.


Three or More Night Stay

Longer minimums are more common for whole home or whole apartment Airbnb listings.  It is also common for popular areas or during high traffic times where Airbnb hosts are looking to increase profits with longer stays at higher rates.  If there are multi-day events in your area or high traffic seasons, consider a three or more night minimum for those times!

Now that you’ve got an idea on setting your minimum night stay, what about a maximum?

Maximum Night Stay

While many Airbnb hosts do not have a maximum, you may want to consider a cap on the number of nights a group can stay at your listing.  Here are the two major reasons

  1. Legality – Check your local laws and regulations regarding short term rentals and long term rentals.  Certain areas treat tenants different depending on their length of stay and it can cause problems for you as a host.  For example, Airbnb guests staying in listings in California for longer than a month have caused problems for hosts as they could be classified as tenants and be more difficult to get rid of even if they have not paid.
  2. Sanity – Some Airbnb hosts prefer to not get into a roommate situation.  Long term guests can have a roommate type feel.  If you are comfortable with this, set a maximum number of nights that suits your style!

There are more nuances to setting minimum and maximum days that will be discussed later, but this should give you a good idea of where to place your settings!

Got questions about Airbnb hosting?  Contact us and we will feature your question in an upcoming post!

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