Shout Advanced Action Gel Laundry Spray – Product Review

Shout Advanced Action Gel laundry spray is definitely something to keep in your laundry arsenal.  Airbnb guests will often leave stains on your sheets and towels that can potentially ruin them.  Being proactive in fighting these dirty sheets and towels will save you time, money, and a lot of headache.

In my years of Airbnb hosting, guests have soiled sheets and towels in all sorts of ways.  Here’s an abbreviated list of stains I have gone to battle against.Shout Advanced Action Gel Laundry Spray

  • Make Up – foundations, mascara, lipstick, etc.
  • Greasy hair products
  • Rubbed in dirt
  • A variety of stains with sources of origin that I’d rather not think about

I have used Shout to pre-treat these stains with immaculate success.

Recently, I had a different battle for Shout Advanced Action Gel to take on.  I have a shower curtain that has soaked up shower water in a litmus test style fashion.  It had soaked up dirty water and hard water deposits too.  I was fully prepared to toss this shower curtain in the rag pile, but figured I’d give it a pre-treatment and wash on the delicate cycle to try and save it.

Shout Advanced Action Gel Laundry Spray

As you can see in this before photo, there is a clear line of hard water deposits and dirt.  Above that is a fairly clean looking cloth.

I gave this stain a good spraying with Shout and let it sit for 15 minutes prior to throwing it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.  

The instructions on the bottle say to let it sit for only 5 minutes before throwing it in the wash, but I prefer to give it a bit more time, especially if the stain looks tough.  This little bit of extra soak time has not damaged or faded the sheets, towels, or shower curtains, but I wouldn’t recommend letting it sit for hours or days before washing.

Ok, so how did this shower curtain come out!?!?!

Shout Advanced Action Gel Laundry Spray

Super clean!

In my years using Shout, I’ve saved my sheets and towels countless times, saving me hundreds of dollars and lots of time dealing with replacement items.  Whenever I see a stain, I always give it a spray right away to ensure it will wash clean.

Thanks again to Shout Advanced Action Gel to keep another item from the garbage can.

More of the best Airbnb hosting tips to come!

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