Shower Curtain Liner Money Saving Tips

As your AirBnB hosting career continues, you’ll certainly notice that there are so many little expenses that you will encounter.  All these little things can really add up and destroy your business profits if not managed well.  Here’s are some money saving tips for your shower curtain liner!

For my AirBnB bathrooms and my own person bathroom, I use two shower curtains.  The outer shower curtain is decorative and used to make the bathroom look nice and clean.  The inner shower curtain is a plastic liner used to keep water in the tub or shower during shower timeShower Curtain Liner Money Saving Tips - Best AirBnB Hosting Tips.

While your outer shower curtain will likely stay clean and dry, the inner shower curtain can start to accumulate shower scum.  This shower scum is unsightly and can certainly ruin the experience for your guests.  I have two money saving tips for shower curtain liners that will make your life simpler and less expensive!

Shower Curtain Liner Money Saving Tips

  1. Buy inexpensive disposable shower curtain liners – Shower curtain liners do not need to be anything special.  You will likely not need liners with metal grommets or premium plastic.  In my years of hosting, I have never had a shower curtain liner rip and I’ve been using cheap disposable liners.  Here is my favorite shower curtain liner – it comes in clear and in white!
  2. Machine wash your shower curtain liners – Yeah, that’s right!  You can wash these in your washing machine and the shower scum will come right off!  By using a delicate cycle with warm or cold water, you shower curtain liner will come out looking nearly brand new.  Now, if you haven’t done this before, you may be asking yourself, ‘won’t my liner get destroyed by the washing machine?’  I was just as skeptical, but I went for it.  And voila!  Clean!  The downside of your liner getting destroyed by the washing machine is that you’d throw it out and replace it with another cheap liner.  So in actuality, you really have nothing to lose.  Give it a try!

By getting inexpensive plastic shower curtain liners and throwing them in the washing machine when they get dirty, you can definitely save yourself some money!
More of the best AirBnB hosting tips to come!

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