Tips for Booking your Entire Airbnb Calendar

Booking your entire Airbnb calendar is a difficult challenge even in popular times for a given location.  Often times weekdays go unbooked or reservations leave unsavory dates available in between.  Regardless of the time of year, here are the best tips for booking your entire Airbnb calendar!

The summer months in my city are not popular for visitors due to the very hot temperatures and sparse events.  Even so, I was able to book every single night in July, 2017!Tips for Booking your Entire Airbnb Calendar

So how did I do that?  

Perhaps a little bit of luck was on my side, but I consistently book in excess of 90% and have had a number of months with 100% occupancy.  My system works!

Tips for Booking your Entire Airbnb Calendar

  • Know your Local Event Schedule – Many Airbnb tips revolve around knowing the event calendar so you can cash in on popular dates, but the same logic goes for booking unpopular dates!  Weekdays in between popular weekends are often priced too high and will go unbooked.  Don’t make this mistake!
  • Check your Competition Regularly – Airbnb’s listing search is a great tool for checking availability in your area.  You can see how many competitors you for a given date range based on price, number of guests, amenities and much more.  My tip here is to not get too granular in your search comparison.  Just because you’re the only host with an iron and hair dryer available doesn’t mean you’ll get booked.  Keep it high level – look at dates, price, and number of guests.Tips for Booking your Entire Airbnb Calendar
  • Price Competitively – You don’t necessarily have to be the cheapest on the market, but you need to be attractive enough to get people to read your listing.  For example, my listing is a few miles outside of the major attraction in my area.  I generally need to be slightly cheaper than the listings within walking distance of that venue, but I can price higher than comparable listings further away.  Also check to make sure you’re still profitable. Don’t price yourself too low just for the sake of occupancy rate!
  • Single Day Bookings – Many hosts don’t like to do single day bookings, but to fully book your calendar, you’ll almost certainly have to do this.  You don’t have to allow single day bookings for your entire calendar, but if you have some single nights in between other reservations, make sure you adjust your bookings settings to allow for single day reservations for that date!
  • Instant Book – Airbnb guests love the ability to book your accommodations without having to contact the host.  When they see a listing they like, they can reserve it right then and there.  Having Instant Book enabled will definitely increase your bookings!
  • Same Day Bookings – One of the settings you have as a host is how much notice you need for a reservation.  Adjust this setting to accommodate same day bookings and you might be surprised who needs a room right away!  You can also adjust the time of day to when you listing is no longer available to book for that night.  I use 9pm usually, but set that based on your personal schedule.  My latest example of this was from two nights ago.  A student moving to town for college missed the key pickup time for their dorm and needed a place right away.  The student booking my room after 8pm and was an excellent guest too!

These tips for booking your entire Airbnb calendar are super easy to implement!  Paying attention to your competition and making a few settings adjustments can really make a difference in your occupancy rate and income!

More of the best Airbnb hosting tips to come!

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3 Comments on “Tips for Booking your Entire Airbnb Calendar

  1. I don’t have an Airbnb but if I did these are certainly some great tips I’ll be sure to follow! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. You talk about single day bookings in between your calendar. Can you please guide me through how this is done on Airbnb app.


    • Sure thing!

      go to your listing on the app, then choose “booking settings” at the top. Scroll down until you see Calendar, the choose “Trip Length.” Now on this page you can add a Seasonal Requirement. Choose the dates you are interested and change the minimum night setting for bookings. That’s it! 🙂

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