Top 5 Reasons AirBnB Hosts Should Use Instabook

The AirBnB Instabook feature allows AirBnB guests to book a reservation without receiving a formal approval from the host.  While this seems like it could lead to trouble, it is actually an awesome feature that can dramatically increase your AirBnB revenue!  Here are the top 5 reasons AirBnB hosts should use Instabook!

Top 5 Reasons AirBnB Hosts Should Use Instabook

  1. More Money! – A growing number of AirBnB guests are using the Instabook feature to plan their travels with AirBnB.  By enabling this feature on your AirBnB listing, you will be looked at by thousands more prospective guests.  Since you already have an awesome AirBnB listing description and stunning listing pictures, this will almost certainly lead to more and more confirmed reservations!
  2. Save Time – With the AirBnB Instabook feature, you won’t have to respond to guests to get a reservation.  This will save you a lot of time typing out responses Top 5 Reasons AirBnB Hosts Should Use Instabookand submitting approvals.  This makes the reservation process seamless and convenient for AirBnB hosts!
  3. AirBnB Listing Search Status – The AirBnB listing algorithm heavily favors the hosts who have enabled Instabook.  Even if guests are not searching for listings that can be booked instantly, you will be higher up on the list.  This will increase your visibility and lead to more reservations!
  4. Search Filtering – Many AirBnB guests only search for Instabook AirBnB listings.  When I look for AirBnBs to stay in myself, I only search for listings I can instantly book.  The AirBnB listing search prominently features the ability to filter your search in this way.  Keep Instabook enabled so you don’t miss out on more reservations!
  5. Earn Superhost Status Faster – Part of becoming an AirBnB Superhost is having enough completed stays.  By using Instabook, you will most certainly get more reservations and be on your way to becoming an elite AirBnB Superhost!


You may be thinking to yourself, ‘What if I want to get a read on whether or not these guests will be any good?’


Well, that is certainly a valid concern.  Even with Instabook enabled, you can be a little more strict with who can book your listing.  The following options are available in your listing settings.

  • Government-Issued ID – Only guests who have submitted a verified government issued ID can book your listing instantly.
  • Recommendation from Other Hosts – Only guests who have received positive reviews can book your listing instantly.

Top 5 Reasons AirBnB Hosts Should Use Instabook

In my years of hosting, I have allowed Instabook with no additional requirements such as the government-issued ID or host recommendations.  What I’ve noticed is that I get a large number of first time AirBnB users, but I also get lots of experienced AirBnB guests.  Believe it or not, but I have noticed no difference in the overall quality of guests between the newbies and rest.  By far, the vast majority of all my guests have been most excellent!


I definitely encourage all AirBnB hosts to use Instabook on their listing!
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