Travel Size Toothpaste and Travel Toothbrush

Having travel size toothpaste and a travel toothbrush available for your Airbnb guests will demonstrate that you on top of your game as an Airbnb host.  These toiletry items are often forgotten or lost and weary travelers are most appreciative if you can make their frustration go away.

Over my years of hosting, requests for travel size toothpaste and travel toothbrushes have been consistently frequent.  This is by far the most common item that my guests have forgotten and I’m happy to be able to supply them after their long flight or drive into town.

Now, you may be thinking that this is overkill.  Do I really need to buy toothpaste and toothbrushes for all my guests?Travel Size Toothpaste - Colgate Total - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

The answer is no.

Travel Size Toothpaste

For travel size toothpaste, I order a bulk pack of Colgate Total tubes that come in individual small boxes.  These are absolutely great!  Guests are familiar with the Colgate brand, and even if it’s not their normal toothpaste they will be happy you have a quality product to provide!  The individual small boxes provide extra peace of mind that the travel size toothpaste has never been opened and is sanitary and safe to use.

Travel ToothbrushTravel Toothbrush - Colgate Total - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

You don’t need anything fancy for a travel toothbrush.  After forgetting their own toothbrush, your Airbnb guests will be absolutely stoked that you even have anything at all to give them.  Now, just because you don’t need anything fancy doesn’t mean you should give your guests something overly cheap.  For well under a dollar each, these Colgate toothbrushes are an amazing value and deliver a pretty solid brushing experience!

Stock these awesome travel size toothpaste and travel toothbrushes to be ready as soon as a guest has the need and you will save the day like the Airbnb Superhost that you are!
More of the best Airbnb hosting tips to come!

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