Airbnb Cancellation Penalties for Airbnb Hosts

Nobody likes having their Airbnb reservation cancelled.  Whether your a host who has spent time and effort preparing for guests or a guest who has planned a relaxing vacation, a cancellation can ruin your plans.  For Airbnb hosts, the cancellation penalties can be steep and long lasting.  Here’s what you need to know about Airbnb cancellation penalties!

Penalties for Cancelling an Airbnb Reservation as a Host


Cancellation FeeAirbnb Cancellation Penalties for Airbnb Hosts - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

Airbnb will charge hosts a monetary fee for cancelling a reservation.  This fee will be charged by deducting the cancellation fee from your next Airbnb payout.  There will be a $50 penalty for cancelling a reservation more than 7 days before check in.  If you cancel a reservation within a week of check, the cancellation penalty doubles to $100!

Superhost Tip:  You can get one cancellation fee waived every six months.  If you get charged a cancellation fee that shouldn’t be there, call Airbnb support and ask them to refund the fee!

Automatic Cancellation Review

Another penalty for cancelling a reservation is an automated review.  After you cancel a guest’s reservation, Airbnb will post a review on your profile showing that you have cancelled a reservation.  As we all know, reviews are insanely important, so this black mark on your profile is not good!


Guests Can Still Post a Review

If you cancel on a guest on the day of check in (or during the stay), they can still review you.  There’s not guarantee that the guest will post a negative review, but the potential exists.  This penalty for cancelling may not end up hurting your reviews, but be aware that the possibility is there.

Superhost Tip:  If the guest used Instant Book to make the reservation, you can potentially cancel this reservation without any penalties at all.  Read my post on cancelling Instant Book reservations penalty free!

Blocked Calendar DatesAirbnb Cancellation Penalties for Airbnb Hosts - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

Some hosts cancel reservations because they think they can rebook it at a higher price.  Well, Airbnb has caught on to that move and will automatically block those dates.  You will not be able to unblock those dates and you will not be able to rebook them!


Loss of Superhost Eligibility

Part of being an Airbnb Superhost is having a pristine reservation record.  That means no cancellations.  If you cancel on a guest, this cancellation will prevent you from being a superhost for the next 4 review periods (1 year in total).  


Suspended Account

If you cancel 3 or more reservations in a year, Airbnb may suspend your hosting account.  Obviously this is not a good thing, so if you get into a situation where you may need to cancel multiple reservations, be sure you’ve thought it through!

Superhost Tip:  Extenuating circumstances can help you get around these cancellation penalties.  It is best to call Airbnb support and explain the situation before you cancel.  If you have just cause to cancel the reservations, Airbnb will do this on your behalf and waive the penalties!

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