Airbnb Inquiry vs Request – What’s the Difference?

Prior to receiving a confirmed booking on Airbnb, you could receive messages from potential guests that are either classified as an inquiry or a request.  It is important to correctly respond to these messages in order to keep your Airbnb host response rate high – a requirement for Superhost status.

What is an Airbnb Inquiry?

Airbnb Inquiry vs Request - What’s the Difference? - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsAn Airbnb inquiry is a message sent by a potential guest to an Airbnb host.  The inquiry will specify dates in which this guest is searching for accommodations.  Along with the dates, the guest can message the host about any questions, concerns, or special requests they may have.  An inquiry is not a commitment to book a reservation.


How should an Airbnb Host Respond to an Inquiry?

To maintain your response rate with Airbnb, you must respond with a message to an Airbnb inquiry.  You’ll need to respond within 24 hours to avoid being hit on your response rate.

You’ll have additional ways to respond such as sending a pre-approval, declining the guest, or sending a special offer.  I would certainly recommend choosing one of these along with your response to the potential guest. If you need more information from the guest to decide, it is best to wait until you have those answers before making this choice.

For tips on what to say to your guest, check out my post on responding to an Airbnb inquiry!

What is an Airbnb Reservation Request?

Reservation requests come from guests who are already prepared to book your accommodations.  The only thing lacking the approval from the Airbnb host (that’s you!). An approval from the Airbnb host will result in a booking!


How should an Airbnb Host Respond to a Reservation Request?

To maintain your response rate with Airbnb, you must respond by accepting or declining the reservation request.  You’ll need to make this decision within 24 hours of receiving the reservation request or your Airbnb response rate will go down.

You may have questions for your guest before you can decide whether or not to accept or decline the reservation request.  Promptly send any questions you have to the guest because your decision still must be made within 24 hours of the initial reservation request.

If the guest is not responding or you are unable to get satisfactory answers within this 24 hour period, declining the reservation request may be the best option.

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