Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts

The Airbnb Resolution Center exists to solve issues that can arise with your stay.  Unfortunate events such as damages or disputes between hosts and guests can be addressed with the Airbnb Resolution Center.  There is a formal process for submitting and responding to messages with the Resolution Center and following the correct procedure can make all the difference when you make your case.  Here are some tips for hosts using the Airbnb Resolution Center!

Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

In my years as an Airbnb host, I have used the Airbnb Resolution Center a few times.  It can be a stressful undertaking if you are not familiar with the process used by the Airbnb Resolution Center.  Many hosts have gone to the Resolution Center for help, but have been unsuccessful in their claims by not following the correct protocol. 

I have been successful in recouping expenses for damages for things such as ruined towels, soiled bedding, and even broken beds.  A successful claim with the Airbnb Resolution Center can be done, but you must remain professional and have your documentation in order.  It can take the Airbnb staff member some time to process all the information and documentation regarding a claim, so patience is also important!  In my experiences, Airbnb has been reasonable and easy to deal with, but they also have strict rules and internal guidelines they must follow.


Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts

Document Everything!

Documentation is absolutely critical.  Sending your messages to guests using the Airbnb message system is the only communication that Airbnb can rely on for evidence.  If you have a phone call or face-to-face conversation with your guest about an issue, make sure you send a follow-up message through Airbnb to document the conversation.  This is important to do before any issues may arise.  I have used this strategy and Airbnb case managers have specifically informed me that this documentation was a deciding factor in my successful Airbnb Resolution Center claims.

It may sound a little over-the-top to have so much seemingly redundant much communication, but it actually will actually help improve the customer experience of your guest!  Taking the time to write and send a note confirming the conversation also gives the guest something to look back at if they cannot remember what was talked about.  Reiterating answers to questions about the city, your house rules, or anything else will let your guest know that you are an attentive host!


Take Pictures of any Damages

Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsIf you notice damages in your home, take pictures immediately!  If you let damages sit in your home for days, you will have less leverage against the guests who caused them.  Take these pictures right away and prepare to open a case in the Resolution Center.  You can take these pictures with your smartphone or a handy digital camera.  These devices also save a timestamp of when the photos were taken which will help support your Resolution Center claim even more.

Superhost Tip: Take pictures of the accommodations before each guest checks in as well.  The before and after photos will provide excellent evidence for your case!


Open a Case in the Airbnb Resolution Center Before the Next Guest Arrives

You absolutely should open a case in the Airbnb Resolution Center prior to your next guests checking in.  If you do not do this, Airbnb may not be able to determine which guests cause the damages and you will likely not receive compensation.  You could use the timestamps of the photos taken to help your case, but this is not a failsafe strategy.  By opening the case immediately after a guest checks out and prior to the next guest checking in, you’ll set yourself up for success in your Airbnb Resolution Center claim.


Submit Receipts for Actual Expenses

Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsIf you have had to replace items or pay for professional services such as plumbers or contractors to remedy the damages caused by your guests, having the actual receipts will strengthen your claim.  Submit these receipts with your initial Resolution Center request if at all possible.  If you don’t have these receipts at the time you submit your request, save them!  You can submit these receipts later once an Airbnb case manager is involved.

I have personally been in a situation where I discovered more damages after submitting my initial claim.  Once Airbnb was involved, I included these damages in the case as well as the receipts for repairs.  The Airbnb staff member reviewed the documentation and I was compensated for all damages!


Involve Airbnb if the Guest Doesn’t Respond

You and your guest will have 72 hours to resolve the dispute on your own.  After this time period, you can opt to get Airbnb involved.  If the guest does not respond at all within 72 hours, you can still involve Airbnb in the dispute.  When you involve Airbnb, having all the documentation and pictures mentioned above will help you make your case!

Waiting a full 3 days to get Airbnb involved in your claim may sound like a long time to wait, but this is part of Airbnb’s standard procedure.  No amount of complaining will make this waiting period go away.  In fact, the poor behavior could hurt your case.  It is best to wait patiently!


Be Professional and Objective

Airbnb Resolution Center Tips for Hosts - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsYou won’t get anywhere by getting angry and accusatory.  Stay objective and professional with all your messages and conversations with the guest and the Airbnb case manager.  Your calm and steady demeanor will demonstrate that you are a true professional.  You won’t win any favors by being aggressive!

When reporting the damages and poor behavior of your guest, keep strictly to the facts.  Name calling, profanity, and raised voices will negatively impact your Airbnb Resolution Center case.  The guest in question may also be in conversations with the same Airbnb staff member.  If the guest is not keeping their emotions in check, you will stand out as the more responsible party in the claim process and have a much better chance of Airbnb ruling if your favor!

By following these Airbnb Resolution Center tips for hosts, you’ll set yourself up for success in the event a guest causes damage to your home!

More information on the Airbnb Resolution Center can be found here.

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