Category: Your AirBnB Guests

Best AirBnB Checkout Message for AirBnB Hosts

The AirBnB checkout message is an opportunity for AirBnB hosts to leave a good last impression on AirBnB guests.  Following these tips for the best AirBnB checkout message is a sure fire way to land that 5 star… Read More

Best Pre-Arrival AirBnB Message

You responded to an AirBnB inquiry, sent a welcome message following the AirBnB reservation and now it’s time to send an AirBnB message just before your guest arrives.  This message serves as a reminder to your guests about… Read More

Best Response to Your Guest’s AirBnB Reservation

As you have now become a pro at responding to an AirBnB guest’s initial message, you undoubtedly have AirBnB reservations pouring in.  So what is the best way to communicate with your AirBnB guest prior once they confirm… Read More

Best Way to Respond to an AirBnB Booking Inquiry

As an AirBnB host, your first communication with your guest is going to be through an AirBnB booking inquiry.  AirBnB guests sift through tons of AirBnB listings looking for the perfect place to stay and have contacted you… Read More