Do I Need a Box Spring?

Do I need a box spring?  This question comes up often as people are putting together bedrooms.  The answer depends on the type of bed frame and mattress you will be using.  Here are some tips to help you out!

When putting together a guest room for your Airbnb, you most likely have a budget you’re trying to stick to.  You know you’ll need a bed frame, mattress, sheets, pillows, and other essentials. But do you need a box spring?  This question cannot be answered without knowing the details of the bed frame and mattress you’ll be using.

I have personally put together a few Airbnb guest rooms for myself and friends to help them get started.  Sometimes I have used a box spring or mattress foundation, while other times I have opted to forgo the box spring.  When asked, “Do I need a box spring?”, here are the key points I recommend you consider.


Do I Need a Box Spring?

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is essentially a supportive box that your mattress will be placed on.  Some box springs may not contain springs at all and are purely a strong base for the mattress.  Other box springs do have spring supports which will provide an adequate base and also act as a shock absorber.  Box springs with actual spring will effectively make a mattress feel slightly softer than it would feel on a more rigid foundation.

Do I Need a Box Spring? - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

There are many varieties of box spring including ones made with metal frames, some that feature actual springs, and others that are made from wood slats.  They also come in a variety of heights which can give you the flexibility of setting your mattress at a certain height if you so choose.  Read my review on the Classic Brands mattress foundation!


Does your Bed Frame Require a Box Spring?

When choosing a bed frame, take a close look at its construction to understand if you will need a box spring or mattress foundation.  Many bed frames are not built to provide complete mattress support. A bed frame that has a narrow slat spacing of approximately 3 inches or less will provide adequate support for a mattress (like the Zinus green tea mattress) which bed frames with wider slate or just a few cross beam supports will need a box spring.  This is not necessarily a bad thing and does not mean the quality of the bed frame is diminished. It is simply a matter of style and construction.

Do I Need a Box Spring? - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

For example, the Aspen Collection Bed Frame that I have will require additional support from a mattress foundation or box spring.  There are only 3 cross beam supports in this bed frame so adding a box spring or mattress foundation is necessary.  Read my full review of this bed here!

Do I Need a Box Spring? - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

On the other hand, Baxton Studio bed frames are designed to provide support for a mattress.  Notice the narrow slat spacing upon which the mattress will be placed. These beds are designed to have a low profile, modern look, but you can certainly add height with a box spring or mattress foundation if you’d like.  Read my Baxton Studio bed review here!


Does your Mattress Require a Box Spring?

Another key part of determining the need for a box spring is looking at the manufacturer recommendations and warranty information for your mattress.  Mattress manufacturers will sometimes recommend that a mattress is used in tandem with a box spring or mattress foundation. Even more important, your mattress warranty may be voided if you do not use a box spring or mattress foundation.  Make sure you read the mattress warranty information thoroughly!  Zinus brand mattresses perform extremely well without a box spring.  Here’s my review of the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress!

Do I Need a Box Spring? - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

So do you need a box spring?  By looking at your bed frame construction and the mattress warranty information, you should be able to confidently answer the questions, “Do I need a box spring?”

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