How to Sync your Airbnb Calendars

Being able to sync Airbnb calendars is an awesome functionality that can help you make more money with your home. You can have single bedrooms, multiple bedrooms, and entire home listings for your house available at the same time without the fear of double booking a room!  

Reasons to Sync Airbnb Calendars

Multiple Bedrooms in the same homeHow to Sync your Airbnb Calendars - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

If you have more than one bedroom available for Airbnb guests, you may want to consider having multiple listings and syncing their calendars.  This allows you pricing and group size flexibility.

For example, say you have 2 guest rooms available.  You could have two listings for single bedrooms and a third listing for both bedrooms.  By syncing the calendars, if the 2 bedroom listing gets booked, then the two listings with single bedrooms will be automatically blocked.  Similarly, if a single bedroom listing gets booked, the two bedroom listing will be blocked and the other single bedroom listing will remain available.

Guest Room or Entire Home

If your personal schedule is flexible, consider offering your entire house as well!  When your entire home is booked, the single bedroom listing will automatically be blocked, and vice versa.  If your whole home gets booked, take a vacation of your own!

Superhost Tip:  Remember that each listing can have its own minimum and maximum days setting.  Set each listing to best fit your personal schedule!

How to Link your Airbnb Calendars

Cool story, but how do I sync my Airbnb listings!?  Don’t worry!  It’s really a simple process

How to Sync your Airbnb Calendars - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

  • Click on Manage Listings
  • Select Availability
  • Find the Linked Airbnb Calendars Section
  • Click on Link
  • Choose to Create linked calendars
  • Select the listing you’d like to link
  • Click Next and Save

Superhost Tip:  Be sure to follow this process for each listing!  If the calendars are not synced properly, you could get double booked!

And now you have synced your Airbnb listing calendars!

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