Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms

Listing your rooms on multiple platforms can help you get more bookings and make more money, but this strategy does come with some challenges.  Here are some hosting tips that will help you expand the visibility of your listings and make more money with ease!

Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms

Airbnb is a worldwide short term rental listing platform, but it is not the only one.  Listing your spaces on other sites such as, VRBO, and HomeAway, for example, can help you book even more nights and make much more money.  Obviously, this sounds like a great idea, but it requires a host to be organized and prepared to deal with the challenges of each platform.


Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms

Consistency is key

Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental PlatformsStay consistent with your listing from platform to platform.  This means keeping your descriptions very similar (or even the same!), using the same pictures, listing the same amenities, etc.

With your listings being presented in identical fashion from platform to platform, you will not have to remember where your guests have booked from and any different expectations they may have when it comes to staying in your home.


Sync your calendars!

With the same listing on multiple platforms, you run the risk of getting double booked.  A guest could book your room for the upcoming weekend on Airbnb while another guest does the same on VRBO.  This leads to a very uncomfortable situation for the host and guests alike and can leave you penalized by the platform on which you choose to cancel the reservation.

This can all be avoided by syncing your calendars!  There are a few services available that do this for you automatically.  AirGMS is my top choice for this. With AirGMS, you can list your room on multiple platforms and not have to ever worry about a double booking nightmare.  AirGMS also comes with a lot of other features that enable you to schedule cleaning services, adjust your prices, manage your income and much more.

Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

You may be skeptical about using a paid service, but you can try AirGMS for 14 days for FREE!  Their customer service will work as you get started and be available whenever you need support.  Also, after your 14-day free trial, you’ll get $30 off when you sign up!


Understand the pricing guidelines for each platform

Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms - Best Airbnb Hosting TipsIf your goal is to make the same amount of money regardless of which platform the guest has used, it is important to understand the fee schedule for each platform.  Whether Airbnb,, or any other platform, the host payout can vary even if the list price is the same.

Adjust your pricing accordingly to make sure you’re making an adequate profit for each guest.  You may not be able to get the payout to be exactly the same down to the penny, but you’ll be close enough!


Keep being an awesome host!  Your reviews depend on it!

Now that you have bookings coming in from multiple platforms, you’ll have reviews and ratings on each site.  With reviews divided across different platforms, each review carries more weight than it would if you were only hosting on one platform.  

Tips for Managing Multiple Short Term Rental Platforms - Best Airbnb Hosting Tips

For instance, if you received 12 reviews this month on one platform, each review would be worth about 8.3% of your rating average for the month.  One poor review won’t necessarily crush your business. If you have 12 reviews across 3 platforms with 4 reviews on each site, then a review is now worth 25% of the average rating score for that platform.  A poor review can really hurt your bookings from that particular platform!

Each and every review matters, so make sure you are on your A-game all the time!

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